iphone   Voice LookUp for iPhone    - released Nov. 2, 2008

Voice LookUp will access many iphone applications by voice command.

Voice LookUp allows you to use voice to access contacts and perform actions on your iphone such as; calling, texting, emailing, and mapping locations. It also features, voice bookmarks, which allows the user to create web bookmarks and browse web pages by voice command. The mapping feature allows you to locate a business, or location by using the maps applications. For example you can say 'locate nearest Peete's Coffee'

The Voice LookUp Speech interface will simplify tasks such as sending emails or using the iphone to use one touch or hands free ability. To send an email through LookUp, you would simply Launch Voice LookUp and say 'send email John Smith', and the command will take you to the mail application with John Smith's address ready to compose and send.

It's faster than scrolling!

The speech recognizer is a phonetic speaker dependent recognizer. It was designed to adapt to the users voice through a training process. Training your recognizer will improve the accuracy of your voice command to your phone.

Device Compatible with iPhone
Requires iPhone 2.1 Software Update.

For addition documentation download:
     Voice LookUp ReadMe

send comments and bug reports to:


To purchase a license for $5 goto iTunes AppStore and search for Voice LookUp.

The current version is 1.0.

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