Handheld Speech provides a small foot-print fully functional speech platform that delivers both recognition and text to speech. Using this platform you can implement a speech based UI in your applications as well.

We sell accurate large vocabulary recognition development SDKs for the Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Voice LookUp for iPhone is now available through iTunes AppStore.

Our latest application is Voice LookUp for iPhone, release 1.0, It delivers a speech-enabled user interface:

With it you can look up contacts to call, send email or text, as well as dial phone numbers, map locations, and launch web bookmarks
-- all by voice.

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Voice LookUp for Windows CE can be prchased below.

Our flagship product, Voice LookUp for Windows CE, release 4.0, is a speech-enabled contact manager. With it you can look up contacts, dial phones, create email, schedule calendar events, and launch task
-- all by voice.

Download it here.

For developers, an SDK is now available!

A free evaluation version of our SDK is now available. To get it, send us mail to HandHeld Speech and include a phone number where you can be reached.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our products!

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