ActiveSync Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP
Windows CE Casio Cassiopeia e100 or newer, Compaq iPaq, HP Jornada 54x, any PocketPC 2002/2003 device

Attention PocketPC 2002 device users (including upgraded ipaq's):
If you have an early version of PocketPC 2002, you need to install a Microsoft
service pack to fix a bug in the first release of PocketPC 2002.
If you have not installed this patch Voice LookUp will start up very slowly. Get the latest service pack patch at your hardware manufacture's website.

Voice LookUp 4.0, released April 6, 2005:

To get all executables and documentation download the following:
download LkUpAll.exe -- everything - 3Meg

If this file is too big, and you would like to download for a specific platform, then:
download LkUpIpaq.exe -- for all PocketPC 2003 devices - 1.9Meg
download LkUpIpaq.exe -- for all PocketPC 2002 devices - 1.9Meg
download LkUpIpaq.exe -- for Compaq iPaq - 1.9Meg
download LkUpJ54x.exe -- for HP Jornada 54x - 1.9Meg
download LkUpE100.exe -- for Casio Cassiopeia e100/e105 (WinCE 2.11) - 1.9Meg
download LkUpE115.exe -- for Casio Cassiopeia e115/e125/em500 (Pocket PC) - 1.9Meg

The documentation is:
ReadMe.txt -- short release note
LookUp.pdf -- comprehensive documentation
QkRef.pdf -- 3 page quick reference document

There is no warranty that the software is suitable for any purpose.
If you experience bugs, or other ill behavior, or have a suggestion to improve the product,
send comments and bug reports to:

To purchase a license for $20 go to Purchase .
The download will run for one month in an evaluation mode.

The current build is 4.0.
If you have any earlier release, download the current release.
Install it over the top of the existing release. The install process is benign.
You may need to re-enroll. Your old models may not work well with this new release.

If you are installing to a Storage Card and you had been running from main ram,
transfer your .usr file and your outlook.voc file before you delete the old version.

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